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The Midnight Game - Scary game to play at midnight

"The Midnight Game" can be an old pagan ritual mainly used as punishment for many who have busted the laws of your pagan religion. While it is principally used as a scare technique never to disobey the gods, there continues to be an extremely real potential for death to prospects who play the Midnight Game. There's a straight higher potential for everlasting mental scarring. It really is highly recommended you don't play the Midnight Game.

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Hackers to exploit AI technology for data breaches in 2018

Cyber-criminals will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to explore victims' networks at 2018, worldwide cyber-security pioneer Symantec said. Furthermore, the Internet of Things (IoT) apparatus will likely be hijacked and used in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, cautioned Badrun Paura, Director, Product Management, APJ, Symantec. 2018 is the very first year where we will visit AI versus AI at a cybersecurity context. Cyber criminals will use AI to attack and research victims' networks, which is an average of the most labour intensive portion of undermine after an incursion, Kaura said in a statement.

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Qualcomm brings the best of mobile to Windows 10 laptops

It's officially official, Qualcomm has announced that the Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform is going to probably be powering future laptops and 2-in-1s. They won't be running Android though, it's just a Windows 10 event offering a fully fledged desktop PC experience on traditional smartphone hardware. Nevertheless, the actual attraction is that the features that we typically associate with smart phones -- particularly always-on connectivity using 4G LTE. Qualcomm calls this the "always connected PC", ridding users of these dependence on WiFi and bringing laptops to the 4G LTE era. In addition to the more applicable consequences for portability, the business is additionally bigging up the security benefits.

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UN seeks worldwide drone registry to pave way for global standards

The United Nations has shown a contentious proposal to develop a global drone registry that could call for UAV owners round the globe to enroll their details in one single unified database. The registry would, in a perfect situation, function as one database whereby government and law enforcement officials in many countries might access drone operator information out of a central site. The proposition was recently detailed by Routers, which reports which the plan was put forth by the UN agency International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

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Major problem with employees snooping on corporate networks, IT poll shows

More than 90 per cent of IT security professionals here say employees inside their firm have sought any information they aren't permitted to gain access, exposing a major "snooping" problem in the modern workforce, a new study finds. Technology market research business Dimensional Research polled over 900 IT security professionals worldwide, including 100 in Singapore in July and August (20 17), also found that nearly every respondent here confessed that it was happening where they work. Perhaps more worrying is that much of the snooping has been being done by the very people responsible for keeping the knowledge safe - tech security professionals.

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Target debuts its mobile payment system within its app

Mobile payment systems are nothing new into the kind of Walmart, CVS, along with Kohl's, however for Target, they still represent uncharted land. That is what produces the merchant's statement of Wallet, its mobile payments system, one that men and women might want to pay close attention to. As its name implies, Wallet enables you to visit Target stores and checkout with the Target program. Wallet also lets you utilize your Cartwheel digital coupons and discounts, but that is not new -- the Target program has allowed you to accomplish this for a little while.

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